Vanguard Utility Services is one of the largest independent installation providers of measurement and AMR devices. Experienced with all meter manufacturers, Vanguard offers the experience and expertise necessary for utility meter management. As a vendor-neutral company Vanguard is not bound to any meter or AMR system which allows for flexibility in designing a project to suit unique needs. That independence qualifies Vanguard to recommend the system upgrades appropriate for your system and budget.

Vanguard can test, repair, and recalibrate meters on site, as well as replace industrial and commercial meters. Vanguard’s mobile testing units are fully equipped to field test up to 24-inch meters.

With a portfolio including some of the nation’s largest cities and some of the smallest, Vanguard and its trained field of technicians and managers work from coast to coast installing and changing out residential and commercial systems. By training our crew both in house and on site, Vanguard offers a unique team of workers prepared for problem solving and trained with state-of-the-art technology.

Did you know

Vanguard Utility Service can provide field test and repair services to bring meters back to AWWA standards.

With over 200 years of management experience, our staff is more than capable of providing only quality service.
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As the industry leader, Vanguard maintains a large clientele ranging from small, rural cities with only a few thousand residents to large metropolises. Vanguard is a respected name among meter manufacturers. As a vendor-neutral utility service company, Vanguard’s umbrella of services encompasses one of the largest numbers of meter and data management capabilities in the nation.
Sometimes just upgrading existing infrastructure is enough to bring a utility meter system up-to-date. Vanguard is adept at installing, updating and repairing cutting-edge technologies in the utility meter industry. Staying at the forefront of the industry requires continuing education and experimentation with new products and equipment. Vanguard takes the time to learn about new products to understand what equipment works best in a variety of environments.
Vanguard’s trained field technicians are experienced to build a vault from scratch or rebuild a damaged/out-of-date vault. With vendor-neutrality, Vanguard can rebuild any vault for any meter system.
Vanguard’s unique mobile test units allows us to test, calibrate, repair, replace and maintain meters on-site.
Vanguard can implement pilot projects to identify savings and revenue sources, which can develop a cost projection for the overall system change.

Experience is Vanguard’s guiding force, which allows project managers the capability to see a project from start to finish, guiding the work to completion on time and within budget.

Technology is the future of utility meter systems, AMRs, and data management. Vanguard not only stays ahead of the curve, but sets the curve in implementing the newest, most dependable, and most stream-lined technologies.
Vanguard uses Trimble equipment to collect sub-meter GPS coordinates if requested by the customer to further establish reliability of meters and the data collected.
Vanguard can provide maps of the meters installed to ensure the reliability of the location of meters.
Vanguard’s team of expert technicians is skilled at evaluating meters and systems to prepare the most effective course of action to repair or retro-fit meters. o Trained in-house and skilled with years of hands-on experience, Vanguard’s work force is the leading meter service crew in the nation. Professional, dependable, and efficient - Vanguard’s crew creates and maintains a steady flow of work to achieve its goals.
With 160 years of experience, Vanguard’s team of project managers, data experts, and field technicians offers reliability in income projection. Vanguard’s elite data management system provides world-class accuracy, leaving companies with peace of mind.
With every project, Vanguard works to create user-friendly systems, designed for companies to resume daily activity without interruption. Turnkey projects eliminate hassle and maintain seamless progress.
To avoid overhauling the entire meter system, Vanguard can retrofit existing meters and AMRs with the most state-of-the-art technology to ensure every meter is registering accurately.
As a vendor-neutral company, Vanguard offers the reliability to replace any meter or valve system. Vanguard is experienced in replacing obsolete meters with the most state-of-the-art technology to insure accuracy and efficacy.
Vanguard implements cost-effective, state-of-the-art wireless communication devices to establish accurate, effective Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Automated Meter Reading (AMR). With a team of expert technicians, Vanguard creates a turnkey infrastructure designed to save time and money.